Does it recycle?



Yes, cans are accepted in curbside single stream recycling programs, and at community single stream recycling drop-off locations.

Cans are great for recycling. Regardless if they are aluminum or steel they are both straightforward for our recycling facilities to sort and the material is easily reclaimed.

A common question for cans is should you wash them? The answer depends on what they contained. A pop can – no don’t wash it. Just make sure all the liquid is out of the can. A can of corn – no don’t wash it. Just make sure it’s empty. Now, a can of refried beans is tricky. If you don’t see any food sticky to the sides, it’s good to be recycled. But if there’s food on the inside, please remove it before you recycle.

* May require additional preparation or fees. Other options may be available.

Akron Recycling Program
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The City of Akron offers residential curbside single stream recycling, and yard waste collection during the fall.

Phone: Dial 3-1-1 or call 330-375-2311

Looking for a recycling center near you? Check out our Recycling Center Drop-Off map.